Our Aims

Through our involvement in the task forces of AGE Platform Europe, and our own work across the UN ECE region, and beyond, we:

  • Promote the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience of older women across Europe in order to challenge the negative stereotypes of age, gender, race, disability and sexual orientation
  • Affirm the rights and capacity of older women through self-help, social groups and political activity to contribute to policy development and change at local, national and international levels;
  • Work across cultures and generations, recognizing that age is a life-course issue;
  • Work with European Union institutions ensuring older women’s perspectives are taken into account in EU policy development and relevant programmes;
  • Work with researchers to provide a gender dimension to their evidence base in order to influence EU, CoE, UNECE/UN policies


Developing the NGO older women’s caucus report at the UNECE Beijing+25 meeting, Geneva, October 2019